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A Shout Out To… Rachel Platten!

Photo: Rachel Platten Facebook Official.

In this series of blogs, I give shout out’s to people who have inspired or influenced me in some way, and today I will be giving “A Shout Out To….” one singer who’s music has really inspired me through the past few years, Rachel Platten. Continue reading “A Shout Out To… Rachel Platten!”

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A Shout Out To…. Jessie Paege!

jessie paege
Photo: Jessie Paege Twitter.

If you are a massive fan of watching YouTube videos, then you would have almost definitely have seen Jessie Paege.  This YouTuber is one of the most cool & fun people out there, so I think it’s only fair to give her a massive shout out! Continue reading “A Shout Out To…. Jessie Paege!”