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Shout Out To…. WWE Glam Squad!

Photo: WWE Glam Squad Instagram

Today marks the first ever “Shout Out To….”. Which is a shout out to some very talented people. Kicking things off is the lovely women from the WWE Glam Squad!

As you know, I have been a massive wrestling fan for several years now, and growing up I have to admit that I idolised the glamorous looks of the female superstars. So I felt it was only fair to pay tribute to the lovely ladies behind the WWE Glam Squad.

Over the years, I have admired the glam squad, and the amazing work they do for all the wrestlers. The looks they create are always amazing, from a natural look to a very glam look, they are always on point!

The Queen looking stunning from the team of Leslie Homan & Lindy Sue. Photo: WWE Glam Squad Instagram.

Now one thing (out of many) that I suck at, is doing my makeup, even till this day anything apart from foundation I literally can’t handle (And even foundation is 50/50!).  So for me I can only dream to look as good as the glam squad and the wrestlers of WWE (Silent cry), I can still keep on loving the amazing work these lovely ladies do.

Naomi getting some fierce curls by Jackie! Photo: WWE Glam Squad Instagram

From a day to day natural, to a glammed up sassy look, these girls always have it covered! The way they can do such a variety of looks just demonstrates what a talented bunch they really are, and deserve so much praise for not just the work they do, but for what I believe the inspiration they give to many people.

With their fun and lovely personalitys what could you not simply like about these wonderful women.

So what is next for these talented ladies, who knows? but with their bubbly and beautiful personalitys they have a great future ahead.


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