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A Shout Out To…. Jessie Paege!

jessie paege
Photo: Jessie Paege Twitter.

If you are a massive fan of watching YouTube videos, then you would have almost definitely have seen Jessie Paege.  This YouTuber is one of the most cool & fun people out there, so I think it’s only fair to give her a massive shout out!

Jessie covers a wide variety of topics on her YouTube videos, and it’s not hard to see why she has a massive fan base. She is a huge inspiration to many people (including myself) by telling everyone that it is okay to be yourself. It might sound like a cliché, however Jessie truly has a way of connecting with people, and showing that being yourself is better than okay.

Jessie always showcases her unique and awesome style, along with her amazing personality in every video we see from her. I honestly believe that Jessie has such a huge career ahead of her, and I know for sure that she will always continue to inspire.

So here is my special shout out to you Jessie. You deserve it!

You can check out Jessie Paege’s YouTube channel here.

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