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A Shout Out To… Rachel Platten!

Photo: Rachel Platten Facebook Official.

In this series of blogs, I give shout out’s to people who have inspired or influenced me in some way, and today I will be giving “A Shout Out To….” one singer who’s music has really inspired me through the past few years, Rachel Platten.

Rachel has been one of my biggest idols for a number of years now. Her song “Fight Song” really helped me through a very rough point in my life, and continues to inspire me now.

The way that her music influences many people, is a real indication to the type of person that she is, and I know I will not be alone in being inspired by Rachel’s incredible music.

I love how her songs are always full of incredible passion, and many of her songs really connect with you through the lyrics. One of her songs which has really inspired me through the last few months is “Broken Glass”, which has really inspired me in a number of ways through the incredibly passionate and emotional lyrics.

I can’t honestly thank Rachel enough for how her music has helped me through the years, and the least I could do was write her a “shout out”. I know I won’t be alone in being inspired by Rachel, and I know there will be many more to come

So thank you Rachel Platten for inspiring me through the years, you truly are incredible!.


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