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Review: Sennek Releases Stunning New Song “A Matter Of Time”!

sennek matter of time
Photo: SENNEK “A Matter Of Time” Official Video.

The build-up for Sennek’s brand new song “A Matter Of Time”, has had us on the edge of our seats for a while now, and finally the song that she will be representing Belgium with, in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has been released!

The song features a very unique tone, which draws you from the very first listen, and really entices you in with it’s very bond like tones. I also find that melody behind the song really brings out the emotion of the lyrics, and really gives you a chance to lose yourself within the song.

I also love the way the song is perfect for her voice, and really gives her a chance to showcase her truly incredible vocals.

Overall, I believe that this song is truly incredible, and since it’s release, I have not been able to stop listening to it on repeat. I think this song really reflects Sennek’s unique musical style, and showcases the truly incredible musician that she is.

You can check out the official video for “A Matter Of Time Below”.

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