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A Shout Out To…. Nikki Bella!

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After recovering from another amazing Wrestlemania, I reflected on what influences some of the matches will have on the world of wrestling for years to come, and thought about one wrestler who has inspired me. Nikki Bella.

I know there might be a few people wondering why I have decided to give a special shout out to Nikki Bella, and the answer is a very simple one, she helped changed my life.

I know you must be wondering “How did Nikki Bella help change your life?” well let me tell you.

A few years ago I started to watch wrestling and I really did love it, so when I tried to start talking about it with a number of people at an old school I use to attend, they told me “You are a girl, you should not watch this” & “You are a girl, go back to watching your girly things and let the men talk”.

You know how much that hurt me? Lots. Being told I should not like wrestling because I was a girl, and you know what hurt more, I actually listened to them. I would spend the next few years trying not to watch it because I was told I should not like it, but I could not get away from it so I would follow it in secret (What a way to live, ey?).

Photo: WWE

As time went on life got more complicated for many reasons (Don’t worry I will not list why) but in the end I just felt low. That was until I might a few of my close friends, which one of them was a massive fan of WWE. One day we were talking about a bunch of things when he mentioned he liked Wrestling & I said I liked it as well. He seemed surprised, but did not judge (For that I really appreciate it & we still watch WWE to this day). For once I felt it was okay to like wrestling.

That night I felt a mix of emotions. Especially feeling angry I let people tell me because I was a girl I could not like wrestling. But hey, can’t change the past right?

Now, when I was spending my time trying to hide my love for wrestling, I always followed the career of the Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) in parts, however when I started watching wrestling full time I really grew to become a massive fan of the Bella’s, and that’s when that one match came.

Photo: WWE

The match I am on about is Hell In A Cell 2015, Nikki Bella vs Charlotte, For the Diva’s Championship. The first official Pay-per-view event I had watched, and It was amazing. However, that one match for some reason truly inspired me, and after that match I have never looked back at watching wrestling.

Photo: WWE

So how did Nikki Bella change my life I still hear you asking? Well, after that match watching her determination, her fearlessness, and just her passion to overcome everything over the past few years, made me believe in myself more, and be more determined. In fact, she is the person, who gave me the courage to set up this blog, and without having her as an idol, I’m not sure who else would have given me the courage to believe in myself as much as I do now.

Overall, I believe that Nikki Bella has inspired so many people with her passion and determination, which will continue to inspire many people for years to come, and one day if I inspire someone the way Nikki has inspired me then I will count myself the luckiest person in the world.

Photo: WWE

The way not just Nikki, but Brie, have inspired is truly amazing. And they should be extremely proud of the way they have inspired people, and all the amazing things they have achieved over the years.

So here is a shout out to you Nikki, and on behalf of me, and every single fan around the world all I have to say is a massive thank you!

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