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Shout Out To…. Ylva & Linda!

Photo: Ylva & Linda Facebook.

Today I am bringing you the second part of “Shout Out To….”, which is a shout out to some very talented people. This time I will be giving a shout out to the very talented Ylva & Linda!

Ylva & Linda are twin duo from Sweden, who are talented in many fields including singing & songwriting. I have followed their career since listening to “Closer To My Heart” a few years ago, and all I can say is how amazed I am to see the contestant originality of their songs, and for me that is what makes them incredible.

A few of my favourite songs from them are “Overload”, “Light Up My Life”, & “Sublime”. For me “Overload” has a very catchy melody that you can’t help but sing along with every time you hear it.

“Light  Up My Life” was a very sweet and upbeat song that fitted the singer Stefan’s voice perfectly well, and I still listen to this song most days.

Finally, “Sublime” for me is also a very catchy sing that you wanna dance along with, and fitted with Carolina’s unique voice, it was a great match.

Carrying on slightly for my comment about “Sublime” another thing I love about these girls is that they will write songs to match the singer’s voice perfectly, and work their style along with the other singers style perfectly well.

I believe Ylva & Linda should be incredibly proud of all the work they have achieved so far, and I wish them all the best for the future.

You can check out their YouTube channel by clicking here.

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