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Review: Lights Showcases Her Unique Creative Talents In The Official Video For “We Were Here”!

lights we were here
Photo: Lights “We Were Here” Official Video.

A few months ago, the very talented singer, Lights, released the stunning album ‘Skin & Earth’, which links with the comic of the same name, and today, Lights has released the official music video for another song featured on the album called “We Were Here”.

The official video is a fantastic representation of the raw emotion behind the lyrics of the song, and also helps bring the story to life. I also believe that this video clearly shows the creative genius that Lights is, because of the way that she has managed to create a world, which is filled with her own creations, and brings such gripping stories behind it, which is also reflected in her music videos, as I seem to find myself always looking forward to what creative masterpiece we will see next from Lights.

Overall, I really love this music video, as I believe it really shows Lights for the truly unique and talented artist that she is, and really shows you what a inspirational & creative person that she is.

You can check out the official video below.

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