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UMK 18 Reviews: Saara Aalto Vocals Shine On Emotionally Connecting Song “Monsters”!

saara aalto monsters

With not long before Saara Aalto performs in UMK 18, to decide which song she will be representing Finland with in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the excitement is building up day by day, and now the first song taking part in UMK 18 has been released!

The song features a very catchy melody, which accompanies and help elevate the passion and meaning behind the lyrics of the song. I love how the song features lyrics, which I believe with can all connect with, on one level or another.

I also believe that Saara’s unique and powerful voice helps carry across the full emotional effect of the song, and really does draw you from the first time you listen.

Overall, I really love this song, and believe if this song is selected to represent Finland at Eurovision 2018, they could be looking at a high result.

You can check out “Monsters” below.

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