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Review: Lights Releases Stunning New Album “Skin & Earth”!

Lights Skin & Earth Album Review

Wahoo! The brand new album by Lights has now been released, and you have no idea how excited I have been for this!

The anticipation has been building for Lights brand new album “Skin & Earth”, and with Lights giving us a taste of the album with a number of songs, including “Giants” & “Savage”,  I know I am not the only person who has been excited to hear the full album.

If you did not know. “Skin & Earth” is not just the title of the album, but also the title of the comic that Lights has released, to combine with the album. So that is something you should check out as well.

I love how the intro combines straight into “Skydiving”, and for me it draws you straight into the album. I loved “Skydiving” before the album release, but now with the added intro, it has something more to it.

Before the album release, Lights had said that each songs will connect, and after listening to the album, I have to strongly agree with Lights. I really do love how every song connects with the next, and that is really what makes this album stand out.

I have seen several people say how the the “Skin & Earth” comic reflects with a number of the songs, so if anyone can tell me where I can get them in the UK, I would be very greatful (Not kidding!).

Just from the songs & music videos, you can picture the story in your head, so with the comics, I can imagine it really is an experience.

A number of my favourite songs from the album include “Giants”, “Skydiving”, “Magnetic Field”, & “Almost Had Me”.

For me, this album is just stunning, and I can only really describe it as a full on musical experience, that takes you through an exciting story. The way that Lights has been able to tell such an emotional and exciting journey through “Skin & Earth” is something she should be so proud of. This is an album I would recommend to anyone.

You can check out “Skin & Earth” below.


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