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Review: Tenille Arts Releases Stunning New Song ” Moment Of Weakness”!

tenille arts moment of weakness

The very talented Country artist, Tenille Arts, last night debuted her latest single “Moment Of Weakness”, on The Bachelor, and I can say I have already fallen in love with it.

You can tell from the first time that you listen to this song that the there is such a deep, pure, and passionate energy in the lyrics, which really do help you lose yourself within the lyrics of the song.

I love the way that the song gives Tenille a chance to show what pure emotion she has within her voice, and I can 100& say that this song is heading straight onto my playlist!

This song is true understatment for Tenille’s incredible musical talent, and really shows what an amazing artist she truly is.

You can check out “Moment Of Weakness” on Spotify below.

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