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REVIEW: Ashley Anne Releases The New Single “Get Well Soon”!

Following the viral success of her previous single “Dear Dolly”, upcoming country singer-songwriter Ashley Anne unveils the empowering new anthem “Get Well Soon”.

This latest release encourages listeners to stand up against those who treat people poorly. Ashley wrote this song sympathizing with those who inflict their pain onto others after experiencing immense pain when she was called out for something she was insecure about.

The song harbours a mid-tempo country instrumental that carries elements of rock to create a punching & memorable sound that reflects the empowering lyrical nature of this ear-catching sound.

Ashley provides a passionately delving performance that highlights the atmospheric tones within her dynamic harmonies & displays the vibrantly exuding charisma within her unique voice.

This song highlights Ashley’s unique complex lyrical writing talents & showcases the immense power within her passionately driving vocals.

You can check out “Get Well Soon” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Ashley Anne: Instagram / TikTok.

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