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REVIEW: Sadye Unveils The Debut Single “Biblical”!

Upcoming dark alt-pop singer-songwriter Sadye unveils the brand new debut single “Biblical”, which represents a toxic desire that you can’t help returning to over & over again.

Inspired by her intense struggle with cancer, discovering self-worth, & dealing with toxic relationships, “Biblical” explores personal themes of self-love that many listeners will connect with on an in-depth level.

Featuring an array of endearing melodies, this experimental alt-pop track lays a musical laying foundation that echos the raw emotion of the lyrical nature of this release.

Sadye provides a vocally exciting performance that highlights the charismatically charging elements within the emotionally exuding tone lying within the naturally binding harmonies owned.

This song sets a spotlight on Sadye’s musical creativity & provides listeners with a sense of the natural ingenuity this gifted artist harbors.

You can check out “Biblical” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Sadya: Instagram / Twitter / TikTok.

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