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REVIEW: Madison Watkins Releases The Romantic Ballad “Find You”!

Following the recent success of the EP “Electric”, Soulful singer-songwriter Madison Watkins shares the lyrically heartfelt ballad “Find You”, which centres around the trust within that you are on the way to finding the person made for you.

Discussing the new release, Madison shared “I wrote this song because all of my girlfriends are waiting on our future husbands,” Madison continued. “I did it because I wanted to give us all hope, along with the rest of the world who may be looking for their future person.”

This latest release is an emotionally pouring cinematic spectacle that serves as the anthem for all of us hopeless romantics who believe our perfect match is out there waiting for us.

The song exudes purely heartfelt lyrics & dreamy soundscapes to create an intensely drawing composition that draws your attention & leaves you with a wistfully lasting impression.

Madison provides an emotionally packed performance that highlights the delicate undertones within the angelic harmonies & characteristic vocals this artist possesses.

This song serves as a foundational musical spectacular that displays the musical ingenuity that Madison’s creative spirit encloses. This is the perfect anthem for every romantic out there!

You can check out “Find You” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Madison Watkins: Instagram / TikTok.

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