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REVIEW: Josie Edie May Releases The Stunning Debut EP “Sea Salt & Daisies”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Josie Edie May brings her personally enduring lyrical creativity to audiences around the world through a variety of stunning tracks that create a feeling of understanding & comfort.

Not long ago, Josie unveiled the 5 track debut EP “Sea Salt & Daises”, which nostalgically recounts a collection of Josie’s experiences from her late teens into her early 20s.

The EP provides an atmospheric opener that highlights the poetic nature of Josie’s artistic creativity & exhibits the charisma within her tentative harmonies. We see each track providing a tangible sense of progressively profounding soundscapes rich in emotionally innovative storytelling that connects on a moving level.

Throughout this EP, Josie provides a homage of personally endearing performances showcasing the raw & empathetic qualities that make her vocals individually striking.

This EP provides a strong insight into the overflowing heartfelt personality oozing from Josie’s creative gift & lays a foundation for the future musical journey ahead of this incredible musician.

You can check out “Sea Salts & Daises” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Josie Edie May: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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