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REVIEW: Hildur Höglind & Jonah Finnerman Collaborate On The New Single “Young & Reckless”!

Swedish singer-songwriter Hildur Höglind/Ottilia teams up alongside Stockholm-based musician Johan Finnerman for the indie-folk single “Young & Reckless”.

This latest release centres around a notion of emotionally calling topics such as love & longing. Throughout this song, Hildur & John are joined alongside the jazz legend Jan Allan on trumpet.

The song carries a heavy folk influence that serves as a tangible foundation for the lyrical elements of this song to take the centre stage & provide listeners with a drawing soundscape.

The harmonies of this song bring a raw sense of emotion that carries the elevating lyrical journey of this composition & leaves listeners wanting more.

Overall, this song provides listeners with an opportunity to experience an unexplored side of Hildur’s ever-evolving musical style & supplies listeners with the chance to see the creative influence of both of these gifted musicians.

You can check out “Young & Reckless” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Hildur: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Johan: Facebook / Instagram.

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