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REVIEW: Onyi Moss Releases The Emotional Folk-Pop Single “Show Me The Woman”!

British-Nigerian singer-songwriter Onyi Moss showcases her personally heartfelt lyrical storytelling on the brand new single “Show Me The Woman”.

This latest release reflects the pressure to live up to standards pressed upon us by someone close & the revelation of our reality if we dared to ask them to look at their reflection.

The song carries a delicately gentle folk-pop soundscape that flows through the lyrical landscape of this emotionally driving composition.

Each verse shares a poetically profound chapter of this relatably corresponding song & reflects upon the hypocrisy descended on us by those who can’t see their own disregard.

Onyi delivers a moving performance full of touching accolades & stirring tones, which perfectly reflects the lyrical journey of this attention-grabbing song.

You can check out the lyric video for “Show Me The Woman” below or on more platforms here.

Onyi Moss: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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