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REVIEW: Megan Knight Releases The Empowering Country-Pop Anthem “Dancing In The Mirror”!

Upcoming country-pop singer-songwriter Megan Knight unveils the brand new single “Dancing In The Mirror”, centring around her journey of discovering self-confidence & self-worth.

Co-written & produced alongside James LeBlanc & Jimmy Nutt, this latest single inspires listeners to run towards their wildest dreams & surround themselves with those who bring out the best in them.

Speaking about the new release, Megan shared “I encourage my listeners to be dream chasers, the pilots of their lives driving head-on into their wildest goals. I hope this song brings people joy, inspiration, motivation, and comfort. We should all be proud of ourselves, regardless of our bodies’ appearance.”

The song carries a contemporary country-pop soundscape that gradually builds to create an impacting sense of emotional solace & reassurance.

Megan provides an emotionally comforting performance that echos the heartfelt energy radiating from the lyrical heart of this empowering composition.

This song captures the naturally innovative spirit this gifted artist possesses & highlights the relatable & raw lyrical storytelling talent she encloses.

You can check out the official video for “Dancing In The Mirror” below or on more platforms here.

Megan Knight: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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