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REVIEW: Peyton McMahon Releases The New Single “No Control”!

Singer-songwriter Peyton McMahon recites his experiences with anxiety & mental health in the powerful new single “No Control”.

Produced by Harper James, this latest release as an empowering anthem to anyone facing challenging times. Discussing the new release, Peyton said “I wrote “No Control” about the anxiety I’ve struggled with since I was a kid. Whenever I’m in situations where I don’t have control over the outcome, or I’m trying to make a big decision, I can sometimes overthink and worry to the extreme. It’s frustrating and makes things harder than they need to be, and it can sometimes feel like an endless cycle, so I wrote this song to vent about it. I worked on it remotely with Harper James on the production, and I’m super proud of how it came out.”

The song carries a blended variety of indie alt-pop/rock genre influences to create a striking soundscape that accentuates the heartfelt lyrical narrative of this relatable composition.

Peyton provides an emotionally comforting vocal performance that echos the sentimental notion within the lyrical heart of this song.

Overall, this song showcases Peyton’s remarkable lyrical innovation & provides listeners with a sense of empowering energy. An incredible release by a visionary artist.

You can check out “No Control” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

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