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REVIEW: Teya & Salena Release The New Anthem “Who The Hell Is Edgar?”!

Teya & Salena have unveiled their brand new single, “Who The Hell Is Edgar?”, which will represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, UK. 

Co-written alongside Ronald Janeček & Pele Loriano, this latest release shares what it’s like to experience a creative rush as if you’re suddenly possessed by a ghost. It also shares Teya & Salena’s personal experiences as female songwriters. 

This song satires the music industry in more ways than one, with lyrics such as “Zero dot zero zero three, give me two years, and your dinner will be free, gas station champagne is on me.” representing the 0.003 cents per stream songwriters receive amongst other things. 

This song also shares an important host of issues raised today within the music industry & how & female songwriters constantly have to prove themselves to be taken seriously. 

The track carries a variety of musical genres to create something outside the box that works on so many levels. It can undoubtedly have you dancing along from the first listen, that’s for sure!

Throughout this release, Teya & Salena deliver a passionately fun & sassy performance that highlights the charismatic qualities within their vibrantly uplifting vocals. 

I really believe that we are going to hear a lot more of this song in the near future & could see it creating some series waves amongst the music scene.

Teya: Website / Instagram / TikTok.

Salena: Website / Instagram.

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