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REVIEW: Mimi Webb Releases The Poptastic Debut Album “Amelia”!

Upcoming UK singer-songwriter Mimi Webb has released the highly anticipated debut studio album “Amelia”.

This album has been a 3-year project in the making & portrays a multitude of sides to Mimi by showing an insight into the person on & off the stage.

The album carries 12 incredible tracks, including a variety of hits such as “House On Fire”, “Ghost Of You”, & “Red Flags”, & future anthems such as “Roles Reversed”, “Freezing”, & “Both Of Us”.

Kicking off with “The Other Side”, this song is a brilliant opener by delivering a production full of ear-catching synth elements to acquire your attention & leave you anticipating what’s next.

There is a variety of subjects & emotions explored throughout this album, with each song leaving you with a different impression than the last.

There are numerous uptempo feel-good tracks that will have you dancing along from the first listen & several songs such as “Roles Reversed” & “Last Train To London”, where Mimi wears her heart on her sleeve.

Throughout this album, listeners experience a multitude of passionately driven vocal performances that accentuates the balance of tender & dynamic resplendence within Mimi’s charismatic voice.

Overall, this album dives into depths to show the musical versatility & creativity this gifted artist possesses. There is something truly special about Mimi’s style & there is so much ahead within her musical journey.

This really is a poptastic debut that will leave any pop music lover listening for days.

You can check out “Amelia” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Mimi Webb: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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