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REVIEW: Honey B McKenna & JXE Join Forces On The Upcoming Single “Lofi Hip Hop Beats”!

Welsh DJ, singer & producer Honey B McKenna & London alternative rapper & multi-instrumentalist JXE (a member of Odd Project, an alternative rock rap group founded in Bristol) have joined forces for the upcoming single “Lofi Hip Hop Beats”, due for release on March 10th.

Speaking about the upcoming release, Honey says “It’s about loneliness and wallowing, and how unhealthy it is to romanticise misery. Real life is harder and more rewarding than any fantasy you could have about falling in love or living your best life.”

This latest release carries a host of musical genres to create something truly distinctive that highlights the distinguishing creativity of this musically innovative artist.

The vocals on this track showcase the energetic charisma within the harmonic depths of each of these gifted musicians & portrays the unique complexion both these artists possess.

I feel this song is an immaculate representation of these artists’ unique musical styles by delving into common & uncommon depths to produce an energetic track full of ear-catching lyrics.

You can currently check out “Lofi Hip Hop Beats” via Bandcamp here or pre-save via further platforms here.

Honey B McKenna: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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