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REVIEW: Flo Gallop Releases The New Pop Anthem “You’d Never Know”!

UK singer-songwriter Flo Gallop is swiftly creating a significant impression on the global music scene through her charismatically charging lyrical storytelling & nostalgic indie-pop style.

Following the recent success of “Sorry for you, mate”, Flo has released the brand new relatable pop anthem “You’d Never Know”. This release features a tongue-in-cheek approach to how Instagram appears to create a facade of how things look far better than the actual reality.

This track features a character-filled indie-pop-influenced instrumental that echoes the shire fun qualities within the lyrical foundation of this undeniably catchy tune.

Throughout this song, Flo conveys her unique energetic vibe & sass to produce an expressive composition that radiates self-confidence.

Flo has produced another entertaining song that showcases the dynamic tendencies of her unique musical styling & charms listeners instantly. Highly recommended!

You can check out “You’d Never Know” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Flo Gallop: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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