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REVIEW: BROOKE Delivers A “Checkmate” On Her Brand New Single!

Maltese singer-songwriter BROOKE has officially released the new single “Checkmate”, which recently received enormous praise during its participation in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Co-written alongside Gerard James Borg, Christian Rabb, Dino Medanhodzic, & Lukas Meijer, this song features an empowering message that listeners can resonate with.

This latest single features an ear-catching pop production that carries a host of electro & dance elements to create a fiery melodic display capable of maintaining your complete attention.

Throughout this release, listeners can experience Brooke delivering a fiercely passionate performance that showcases the shire dynamic tendencies within her powerhouse vocals.

This song showcases the expressive nature behind Brooke’s extraordinary musical talents & leaves a lasting impression that listeners feel a connection with. I can see this track easily finding its way onto many a playlist & believe Brooke should feel incredibly proud of this brilliant composition.

You can find “Checkmate” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

BROOKE: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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