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REVIEW: Charlotte Young Unveils The Country Anthem “Lovers Last Chance Saloon”!

Upcoming chart-topping West Midlands-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Young has unveiled the brand new single “Lovers Last Chance Saloon”.

Offering a perspective of a lover’s last chance, this latest release journies through a quest for closure following the final time you find your way back to someone.

The song carries a catchy vintage-infused midtempo instrumental that features a variety of country & synth-pop elements to create a musical foundation for the lyrical factor to take centre stage.

Charlotte delivers a vibrantly driving performance that accentuates the charismatic qualities of her extraordinary vocals & illustrates the lyrical story of this stunning track.

This release showcases the lyrical gifts Charlotte possesses by projecting a fresh perspective on a not-frequently approached narrative of songwriting. This artist retains a remarkable talent & this song is another example of that.

“You can check out “Lovers Last Chance Saloon” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Charlotte Young: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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