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REVIEW: Mimi Webb Releases The Heartbreaking New Single “Roles Reversed”!

Following the recent success of “Red Flags”, Highly acclaimed Breakout singer-songwriter Mimi Webb has unveiled the emotionally heart-pulling anthem “Roles Reversed”.

Set to feature on the upcoming debut album “Amelia”, this latest release was co-written alongside CASTLE, Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, Ryan Daly & Toby McDonough & centres around the heartbreak of being left behind by someone you would have given the world.

The song carries a pop-influenced instrumental that slowly builds to a powerful climax that reflects the harrowing intensity of the pain & hurt coming from the raw emotion of this powerful composition.

Mimi delivers a passionately driving performance throughout that reflects the lyrical core of this incredible song & showcases the dynamic tendencies of her spirited vocals.

This song is a stellar example of Mimi’s musical inventiveness & emotional lyrical originality. The way you immediately feel drawn into this musical piece is a statement to Mimi & a credit to the entire team behind this truly phenomenal song.

I honestly don’t think it will be long before we see “Roles Reversed” creating some severe waves amongst the global music scene & see it leaving a lasting impression on listeners for years to come.

You can check out the official video for “Roles Reversed” below or listen via further platforms here.

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