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REVIEW: Katharina Boger Empowers Listeners On “Breaking Rules”!

Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Germany, now Los Angeles-based, singer-songwriter Katharina Boger is quickly accumulating a fanbase through her characteristic musical influence that has accumulated more than 9 million streams on Spotify.

Following the success of singles such as “Want Me Back” & “Have It” , this gifted artist looks to create waves once again with her newest single “Breaking Rules” that features an influential message everyone should hear.

Co-written & produced alongside producer/songwriter Nick J. Turpin, this latest release sets to empower listeners by encouraging them to feel unstoppable on their own path & to not let overthinking stand in the way of their dreams.

This track features an ear-catching uptempo instrumental that carries a variety of pop, trap, & rock n’ roll elements to create a sonic sound wall, which reflects the passionate energy that the lyrics possess.

During this song, Katharina delivers an animated performance that heightens the spirited emotion of this empowering anthem & highlights the diverse aspects of her vibrantly thriving vocals.

Overall, I believe that this song is a shinning example of Katharina’s musical talent & leaves listeners experiencing an important message that not only inspires, but shows the incredible artist behind the music.

You can check out the official video for “Breaking Rules” below or via Spotify here.

Katharina Boger: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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