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INTERVIEW: Biddy & The Bullets Discuss The Upcoming Single “Storm In A Shot Glass”!

Upcoming Country-rock music trio Biddy & The Bullets are set to release their forthcoming rendition of Reba Mcintire’s 2019 hit “Storm In A Shot Glass” on all platforms from February 28th.

Consisting of Biddy Ronelle, Stu Magru, & Darren Gill, this trio kick-started their journey together in May 2022 with the release of their stellar debut single “Dark Side”.

Following the success of their debut release, this talented group found themselves landing on line-ups for a variety of festivals, including Buckle & Boots & Rock N Ribs. They have also opened for the likes of Backwoods Creek & Fargo Railroad.

Now, Biddy & The Bullets are kicking off their 2023 with their unique take on “Storm In A Shot Glass”, which carries a characteristically tuneful rock-tinged country influence.

Biddy has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding their upcoming single & how the band came together. You can find the full interview below.

Hey Biddy & The Bullets, thank you for this interview. Can you start by telling readers that might be unfamiliar with your music a little bit about yourselves?

Biddy: Hi! It’s lead myself (Biddy Ronelle), Stu Magru (producer, guitar and vocals) and Darren Gill (guitar) and occasionally you might find Nick, Adam and Aleks on various other instruments! It’s a rockier take on country music that I have always leaned towards and it seemed right to bring that sound out with a group! Our first single Dark Side was released in May 2022 and this is our follow up which we can’t wait for you to hear! 

How did the idea to form this group first come together?

Biddy: I hate being alone! Honestly, it’s a strange thing, on stage, I hide behind a piano if I am solo but with the band, I can cut loose! So I knew this great bunch of guys who wanted to help me out and here we are! The music needed a band and luckily for us, it does also translate well to acoustic setups which we will be doing more of this Summer…

What does music personally mean to you?

Biddy: For me, it’s just an extension of myself and I love creating something that will outlive me. As I get older it’s more important to me to get my music out there- even if just one person hears it that’s fine by me. I am leaning towards simply songwriting a lot more these days and exploring different genres so who knows what could be released soon! 

How would you currently describe your musical style?

Biddy: Southern country rock…We are inspired by bands such as Dorothy, Backwoods Creek and strong female powerhouse vocalists such as Brandi Carlisle. 

On February 28th, you will be releasing your version of Reba McIntire’s 2019 hit “Storm In A Shot Glass”. How did the idea to release this version come together?

Biddy: During lockdown number 388 it came up on my suggested songs and I absolutely needed a cover song or two to fill out our festival sets…Looked into it more and it’s always gone down well at gigs. I’d never dream of taking a well-known Reba song such as Fancy as to me some are simply untouchable.

What does this song personally mean to each of you?

Biddy: It’s our first cover song release and it feels a bit strange..It’s our homage to Reba and 8-year-old me would be jumping around my grandparent’s living room to it!. It’s a fun song I love performing live and just sums up my taste in country music! 

The song will also be released on your birthday Biddy. What inspired you to release the song on that day?

Biddy: It was a case of why not! We can all fight over chart releases on a Friday but I find you get lost in the avalanche of releases, especially as independents. Also forces the family and friends to buy it cause of the “it’s my birthday” card.

What message are you looking for listeners to take from this forthcoming release?

Biddy: To not take us too seriously. I can easily get wound up in the music industry and I wanted this song out to show a lighter-hearted side of us. Folks quickly pencilled us in as either to rock or too country for rock and are we really still in those mindsets here? Hopefully not.

What advice would you offer to someone who was looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Biddy: Start young and enjoy it. Enjoy creating music and don’t get too lost in socials and don’t compare yourself to others. Stay in your lane and always be respectful to whoever you meet along the way. It’s better to be remembered as a nice human. Collaborate and learn an instrument even if it’s to busk along. As a voice teacher please invest in learning how to use your voice, it will help longer term.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Biddy: Just keep on rocking and we hope to see you on the road soon! 

You can pre-save “Storm In A Shot Glass” by clicking the link here.

Biddy & The Bullets: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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