REVIEW: Meghan Pulles & Mary Knoblock Release The “Winter Rose” Album!

Emo-positive singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles has caught the attention of music lovers around the world through a variety of genre-defying compositions, which have received high admiration across the board.

Not long ago, Meghan unveiled the “Winter Rose” album, which was done remotely alongside renowned producer Mary Knoblock. The album is made up of 8 variations of beloved festive carols that cover a host of various colours, emotions, & feelings

Speaking about the album, Meghan said “The season of Yuletide is typically a happy one but by producing and recording these sadder more morose versions of these carols, my collaborator Mary and I wanted to show the world that Christmas can also be a time of reflection, grief, sadness and anxiety for some. Not everyone has those “Happy Holidays”. We hope that by sharing our versions of these carols, people can feel less alone during the holidays with those darker emotions.”

“We are both Classically-trained musicians as well as artists, and wanted to bring that out in this collaboration as well. I am happy to say that I have produced and arranged some of these tracks all by myself as well, which after some ear struggles I have managed to overcome and find my voice in production. With Mary’s guidance, we have managed to create a masterful collection of carols that we hope will move our listeners, and make them realize it’s okay and normal to feel a lot of emotions during the holidays other than joy and happiness.”

Throughout this musical compilation, listeners experience an emotively moving journey that echoes a host of personal reflections & lets you embrace a new undiscovered side of each globally renowned carol.

Meghan delivers a host of emotionally haunting vocal performances that create an atmospheric undertone for each distinct carol. Each song showcases a versatile side of Meghan’s harmonic energy & flows perfectly alongside Mary’s personally endearing tone, which creates a sound that is certainly unique.

You can check out “Winter Rose” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Meghan Pulles: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Mary Knoblock: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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