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REVIEW: Alli Gemini Releases The New EP “Songs From The Heart”!

Welsh singer-songwriter Alli Gemini has swiftly generated an ever-growing fanbase & gained worldwide airplay from a host of attention-grabbing musical releases.

Not long ago, Alli unveiled the brand new EP “Songs from the heart”, which features a compilation of all Alli’s songs plus her new song “Wings”. This new track for the EP is a Country-pop number that carries a host of emotional sentiments. “The song is about someone being unable to do something, but for one day that person’s dreams become a reality.”

This EP highlights the musical charisma of this gifted artist & showcases the journey that Alli has ventured on so far, as well as introducing the world to the next chapter “Wings”.

Each song allows listeners to embark on a visionary musical experience that dives into Alli’s ear-catching musical creativity & paves the way for this gifted musician to establish a distinct mark on the music scene.

I feel that Alli possesses a unique host of musical expertise & beautifully moving harmonies that can lead this gifted artist to create a variety of compositions that can connect with listeners on an in-depth level. I would not be surprised to see Alli creating an impression on listeners’ playlists in the very near future.

You can check out “Wings” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Alli Gemini: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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