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REVIEW: Stacia Unveils The Electro-Pop EP “Bridges”!

Born in Ukraine and growing up in the German city of Augsburg, Stacia discovered her passion for music when watching MTV at the early age of ten. Before playing an instrument, Stacia already began to write her first songs. Receiving support from her family, she started taking piano, guitar, & singing lessons & soon discovered her love for songwriting.

Now, Emerging songstress Stacia is looking to create waves amongst the music scene once again with the unveiling of the brand new atmospheric electro-pop EP “Bridges”!

This latest four-track EP features an intense mix of pop, indie pop, & R&B that fuse together to create a unique sound that allows Stacia to showcase her visionary musical creativity & passionately-driving vocals.

Throughout this EP, listeners are presented with a host of expressively emotive & culturally drawing tracks that contrive straight from Stacia’s personal experiences. Each song features a tantalising quality that draws you in & leaves you craving more.

The first track to feature on this EP, “Chaos”, is a dark-pop composition that carries electronic guitar elements & R&B influences, which combine perfectly to reflect your inner chaos of learning to embrace & fall in love with your unique imperfections.

I feel that “Chaos” is the perfect opener for this EP & builds your anticipation for the rest of the tracks you are about to hear on this EP. Spoiler, it’s amazing!

Stacia delivers a consistent stand-out performance that reflects the passionate & moving energy that lies within the depths of her vibrantly characteristic vocals, which allows listeners the opportunity to see more from the artist behind the music.

I believe that this EP is an exemplary example of Stacia’s musical talents & feel this is the perfect track list for anyone looking to undergo an innovatively moving musical experience.

You can check out “Bridges” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Stacia: Facebook / Instagram.

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