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REVIEW: Julia Karr Releases The Reflective Single “Knots”!

Independent musician Julia Karr has caught the attention of music lovers globally through a unique sense of musical vitality that explores a vast array of emotional & personal aspects.

Born in Germany to Polish immigrant parents, Julia lets her multicultural upbringing & personal stories of emotional healing guide her music.

Not long ago, Julia unveiled the brand new single “Knots”, which was inspired by her night-time musings untangling constellations of “what ifs”.

Speaking about the single, Julia said “I wrote this song while reminiscing about a friendship that had turned sour after my friend professed his romantic interest. I was so young at the time that I was petrified, and I didn’t want to lose this person who was my best friend back then. But sometimes I wonder how things could have turned out if I had my shit figured out and if I had taken a chance”.

Julia continues “I think I wrote the song partly to hype myself up, to encourage myself to be brave
and try things, while at the same time acknowledging that part within me that is unsure, careful, and doubtful. Emotions are so messy sometimes.”

This latest release features an electronic-tinged soul/r&b-infused instrumental that perfectly reflects the lyrical notions of this thought-invoking musical piece.

Julia delivers an emotionally driven performance that enhances the emotional side of this composition & highlights the solace nature of this artist’s truly mesmerising vocals.

You can check out “Knots” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Julia Karr: Facebook / Instagram.

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