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REVIEW: Bri Oglu Explores The Truths Of Heartbreak In The Latest Single “Enough”!

Not long ago, upcoming singer-songwriter Bri Oglu unveiled the debut single “Slowly”, which received high commendations from listeners/critics alike & drew over 14,000 streams on Spotify alone.

With a stunning debut paving waves amongst the music scene, Bri unveiled the single “Dream On” & now looks set to continue this musical wave with the brand new single “Enough”.

This latest release is the second instalment of Bri Oglu’s debut EP, Somewhere Else. Diving headfirst into the ugly truths of heartbreak, relationships, and a love story without a happy ending, Oglu is able to tell this sad tale not from a low place, but from a place of growth, love, and wishing someone well even after a negative experience.

With production by Snyder, mixing by Tim Latham, and mastering by Sterling Sound’s Idania Valencia, “Enough” is a blend of heartache & genuine well-wishes tied together by Oglu’s unique alt-pop sound.

Speaking about the release, Bri said “I wrote this song through both my eyes and the eyes of my closest friend who had been in a relationship with an addict. Initially, the chorus was about seeking clarity, but when I began collaborating with the producer, we ended up rewriting it to be about moving on and growth.”

This latest release features a soothing alt-pop-influenced instrumental that guides beautifully alongside the lyrical heart of this emotionally moving composition.

This captivating ballad carries a profoundly engaging tone that exudes a spirited atmosphere, which listeners can connect with from the very first play.

Bri delivers a magically driving performance that echoes the emotive foundation of this stunning musical piece & showcases the exquisite textures that lie deep within her angelic vocals.

You can check out “Enough” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Bri Oglu: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.

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