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REVIEW: Out At Sea Release Their Brand New Single “Control”!

Formed of members Matt, Mark, Nick, & Ben, London-based Indie-pop quartet, Out Of Sea has swiftly caught the admiration of listeners through their uniquely versatile & charismatic musical creativity.

Not long ago, Out Of Sea unveiled their second single of the year, “Control”, which was recorded & produced with their good friends Matchbox Productions.

Mark, co-frontman and writer said “The track takes a look at the see-saw-like nature of the anxious thoughts and feelings we face on a daily basis. From many different angles, be it political, financial, health, or personal relationships, it feels like a constant fight to take back control of our own lives at the moment. We hope this track can spark hope in folk to overcome their enemies, in the same way, we do in our music video.”

This latest energetic release features a host of early 00s indie-rock influences & a notion of 90s synth hooks that create an ear-catching tune that echoes their unique styling.

Throughout this performance, we hear a passion-driven vocal performance that reflects the vibrant & charismatic nature of this talented group.

This song features all the elements we have come to know & love from this quartet. I feel that this is an incredible representation of the versatile nature this group possess & can see this becoming a staple for years to come.

You can check out “Control” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Out At Sea: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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