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REVIEW: Louise Parker Releases The Brand New Single “Bring It On (Set Me Free)”!

UK singer-songwriter Louise Parker has caught the attention of listeners through her creative lyrical storytelling & passion-driven vocals, which have led to several chart-topping anthems & award nominations.

Following on from the success of the acclaimed summer single “Tequila Sunrise”, Louise showcases a further side to her ever-evolving style with the emotive new track “Bring It On (Set Me Free)”.

Speaking about her latest release, Louise said “They say an image speaks 1000 words and in this case, I believe that to be true.  My next single was written when I was going through something really traumatic; it’s about accepting myself at my very lowest and realising I’m so much stronger than I know. Bring It On is a song that was written really quickly, by myself, during a time when everything was going on and all this stuff was being thrown at me and I needed to get these emotions out and let them go. My favourite lyric is the line in the chorus: ‘I put the low in lonely’.  The 5-minute track has rain and thunderstorm sounds on it (because I’m so dramatic!) and features a guitar solo from Emily Aldrich.” 

Written by Louise, and recorded and produced by Louise & Paul at Wave Break Studio, this song showcases Louise’s ability as a storyteller, taking you through three of the five stages of grief: anger, depression and acceptance.

This latest single features a contemporary country, pop, & rock-influenced instrumental that echoes the evolving emotional journey that the lyrical elements of this song explore.

During this song, Louise delivers a raw vocal performance that reflects the heart of this moving composition, which in turn creates a further personal layer to this moving anthem.

For me, This song is another exemplary showcase of the songwriting talent this gifted artist possesses & a golden opportunity to show the in-depth layers of her incredible vocals. I feel that this song will definitely hit listeners on a personal level.

You can check out “Bring It On (Set Me Free)” on Spotify below or on further platforms right here.

Louise Parker: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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