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REVIEW: NEONI Unveil The Revenge Inspired Anthem “I’m No Sorry”!

Highly acclaimed electronic alternative dark-pop duo Neoni continues to share their diverse array of morale boosting & revenge-inspired anthems that have caught the attention of listeners across the globe.

Following on from the recent success of “HOOLIGAN”, Neoni delivers a brand new vengeful inspired anthem that will have you dancing along in no time at all.

Bringing all the villain vibes, Neoni delivers a mid-tempo electronic dark-pop track that plays host to a variety of revenge-inspired lyrics, which catch your attention from the very first listen.

Throughout the song, Neoni delivers a solid vocal performance that highlights the distinct nature of their individual vocals, along with their fiery combined harmonies.

This song certainly screams Neoni & will find its way quickly onto a large number of playlists. A solid recommendation for all electronic dark-pop lovers out there!

You can check out the lyric video for “I’M NOT SORRY” below or via Spotify here.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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