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REVIEW: Dove Ties Release Their Summer Bop “I DON’T KNOW”!

The musical collaboration of Patrick Jordan & Donna Marie, Dove Ties continues to share their uniquely combined musical styling with their second single, “I DON’T KNOW”.

Brought to life by remotely sending ideas via email to each other, this latest release is an up-tempo summer song, which carries a mixture of drums & bass that embrace the harmonies & backing vocals.

Each verse contains a variety of fun & feel-good lyrical components that you will find yourself falling in love with from the very first listen & wanting to hear repeatedly.

Donna & Patrick’s vocals blend to create a genuine sense of warmth that beautifully symbolises the lyrical story of this insanely ear-catching summer bop.

The song is another example of the musical versatility that this duo possess & another step in their charismatically evolving musical journey. A recommendation for any country music lover.

You can check out “I DON’T KNOW” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

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