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REVIEW: Laurell Releases The Brand New Single “Love It”!

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Laurell shares her charismatically charged musical style through a variety of fan favourites & platinum-certified anthems, which have, without doubt, taken the world by storm.

Through co-writing songs such as “Bring It Back” by TWICE & “She Got Me” by Luca Hänni, Laurell creates compositions that listeners across the globe can connect with on a personal level.

Following on from the success of the 2021 solo singles “Habit”, “BAEwatch”, & “Get Loud”, Laurell is bringing the confidence-boosting feel-good anthem “Love It”.

Co-written alongside Thomas Stengaard, Anderz Wrethov, & Andreas Stone, this latest single centres around moving on to better things after someone left you broken-hearted & leaving them to live with undeniable regret.

The song features an assortment of catchy lyrical analogies & ear-catching pop elements to create a feel-good anthem that you will find yourself bopping alongside instantly.

Laurell delivers a passion-driven performance that enhances the sassy textures within her phenomenal vocals & showcases the vibrantly distinguishing elements her harmonies possess.

You can check out the official video for “Love It” below or listen via a variety of platforms here.

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