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REVIEW: Christy Bellis Releases The Brand New Single “This Girl”!

Following the release of her debut EP ‘Human Nature’, back in October 2021. Merseyside alternative pop musician Christy Bellis has unveiled her first release of 2022, “This Girl”!

This latest single centres around Christy fighting with existential anxiety & feelings of lowness, which is shared by a large host of people around the world.

The song takes inspiration from 80s pop-rock power ballads & influential female singer-songwriters from the 00s. The instrumental carries an emotive energy that projects the lyrical elements of this song to centre stage, which help’s to build a natural connection with listeners.

Christy produces a wholehearted performance that highlights the delicate aspects within her characteristic vocals that beautifully reflect the raw emotional heart of this personally enduring composition.

You can check out the official video for “This Girl” below or via Spotify by clicking here.

Christy Bellis: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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