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REVIEW: Alessandra Boldrini Unveils The New Single “Holiday”!

Italian-born artistically charged singer-songwriter Alessandra Boldrini has unveiled the brand new single “Holiday”!

Speaking about the new single, Alessandra said “I wrote “Holiday” when I was coming out from a very low period of my life spent struggling with my mental health. I wanted people to know that it’s normal to feel down at times, but these times will not last forever. Tough times don’t last; tough people do! When I wrote “Holiday”, I was coming off my medications, and I felt myself again after a very long time. I felt enthusiastic, happy and excited to “be back”.

This song features an emotive aspect that illustrates the depths of Alessandra’s personal artistry & incorporates a host of distinct musical elements to create a magnetising instrumental that echoes the lyrical storytelling of this track.

Throughout this song, Alessandra delivers an emotionally heartfelt vocal performance that enhances the profound essence of this gifted artist’s truthfully tantalising voice & highlights the emotional qualities within the lyrical factor of this musical piece.

Overall, I feel that this song showcases the unique musical strength this musician possesses & paves the way for Alessandra to show the world her artistic gifts.

You can check out “Holiday” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Alessandra Boldrini: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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