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REVIEW: Amber Unveils The Official Video For “I Need You”!

Singer-songwriter Amber has unveiled the official video for the latest single, “I Need You”, which was last year unveiled as a part of the track-list of the album ‘1991’. 

Written alongside Matteo Depares & mastered by Elton Zarb at WickedandLoud Studios. This song features a catchy pop-influenced instrumental that perfectly infuses alongside the lyrical nature of this future summer bop. 

Amber delivers a sensuous performance that reflects the melodic characteristic of this stunning musical piece & highlights the vibrantly attention-grabbing aspect of this gifted artist’s sensational vocals.

The official video features a host of cinematic grade scenes that reflect the sensual vibe of the lyrical storytelling of this song. Each shot allures your attention & keeps focus on the artist’s vocal performance in question without taking anything away from the composition itself. 

I believe this song & video are a genuine statement of the artistic creativity that Amber possesses & is definitely in line to become a song of the summer. 

You can check out the official video for “I Need You” below or listen via Spotify here.

Amber: Facebook / Instagram.

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