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REVIEW: KTJ & CARLY Rumble Into A World Of Self-Doubt & Confusion On “Pink Ferrari”!

Following the recent success of “Daddy’s Little Lawyer”, dynamic pop duo KTJ & CARLY have unveiled the brand new single “Pink Ferrari”.

This latest release features immense lyrical storytelling that explores the importance of self-love & acceptance. Throughout this song, KTJ & CARLY journey through the world of mental illness & the frustration of constantly battling your inner demons.

The song contains a slow-building guitar instrumental that plays host to the dark emotional energy that lies within the depths of the ear-catching lyrical elements.

KTJ & CARLY produce a stellar performance that highlights the intense strength of this duo’s emotionally enduring harmonies while also paying vocal homage to the raw & haunting elements this song possesses.

I believe this song is another compelling chapter of their musical journey & a further example of the unique & emotionally grasping storytelling their creative souls possess.

You can check out “Pink Ferarri” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

KTJ & CARLY: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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