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REVIEW: Morgan Johnston Releases The Heartwarming New Single “The End”!

Nashville based (originally from Cape Cod, MA) country singer-songwriter Morgan Johnston has released the brand new single “The End”!

Speaking about the track, Morgan said “This song is supposed to capture the excitement and nervousness that someone might feel when they meet someone and just know in their heart that this is going to be the last time they ever love again. The End is flirty, dreamy and sweet all in one and I hope it makes all listeners think of their “The End” person!” 

This song features an ear-catching country-influenced mid-tempo instrumental that beautifully reflects the heartwarming energy the lyrical factor of this compelling piece possesses.

Morgan delivers a delicately heartfelt performance that highlights the fragile beauty within her soulfully angelic vocals, which enhances the raw emotional transparency of this truly moving song.

I believe this song showcases the exceptional musical artistry of Morgan by infusing the raw emotional storytelling & vocal strength she possesses to create a stellar track you will easily want to listen to over & over again.

You can check out “The End” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Morgan Johnston: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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