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REVIEW: Cornelia Jakobs Produces Breathtaking Vocal Performance On “Hold Me Closer”!

Singer-songwriter Cornelia Jakobs was recently selected as Sweden’s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, after being crowned the winner of this year’s edition of Melodifestivalen, with the emotionally compelling single “Hold Me Closer”.

Co-written alongside David Zandén & Isa Molin, this song centres around wanting to hold onto your significant other for as long as possible, although you know the relationship has reached its expiration date. 

The song slowly builds throughout its duration to mirror the impending exhilaration of emotions that come from the build-up of feelings that you can’t keep hidden inside. 

Cornelia delivers a sentimentally haunting yet beautifully moving performance that echoes the lyrical rollercoaster behind this truly spectacular composition. 

The way Cornelia uses the raw emotional characteristics within her vocals to emphasise the harrowing lyrical nature of this song is a solid statement of the natural musical talent she possesses.

While listening to this song, I was captivated throughout the full duration & left with goosebumps. This song is movingly spectacular & I feel that we could see Cornelia making some serious waves amongst listeners across the globe. 

You can check out “Hold Me Closer” on Spotify below or on Apple Music by clicking here.

Cornelia Jakobs: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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