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REVIEW: Emma Muscat Releases The Empowering Anthem “I Am What I Am”!

Maltese songstress Emma Muscat has unveiled the empowering new anthem “I Am What I Am”.

A few weeks ago, Emma was selected to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, with the song “Out Of Sight”. However, it has now been announced that “I Am What I Am” will be accompanying Emma throughout her Eurovision 2022 journey. 

Co-written alongside Dino Medanhodzic, Julie Aagaard, & Stine Kinck. This latest release is a resilient mid-tempo anthem that focuses on staying true to ourselves because, as Emma says, “Take it or leave it, I am what I am”.

The song contains a steadily building instrumental that perfectly echoes the empowering characteristics of the lyrical heart of this truly emotionally stirring composition.

Throughout this song, Emma is joined by gospel-style backing vocals, which helps to reproduce the empowering energy that flows the in-depth nature of this ear-catching track.

I feel this anthem will touch the hearts of a lot of listeners & truly believe that we could see this song creating a genuine impression throughout the music scene.

You can check out the official video for “I Am What I Am” below or on Spotify here.

Emma Muscat: Facebook / Instagram.

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