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REVIEW: PAIGE WOLFE Releases The Debut Single “Why Can’t My Heart”!

British singer-songwriter Paige Wolfe is a brand-new voice in the country music scene who has just unveiled the debut single “Why Can’t My Heart”.

Crafting contemporary country storytelling & soulfully mesmerising vocals. Paige brings listeners an emotionally driving heartbreak anthem that instantly pulls on your heartstrings.

Co-written alongside Dan Fry & Millie Blooms Productions, who also co-produced the record for Wolfe. Paige explains “Why Can’t My Heart, at its core, is a response to an abusive relationship. It is centred around the “awakening” that happens when you begin to realise that your relationship is harmful and unhealthy. It’s about that middle place victims often find themselves at – holding onto hope while simultaneously realising there is none.”

This song begins with an acoustic introduction that slowly builds to echo the emotions that flow directly from the lyrical core of this ear-catching contemporary piece.

Paige delivers a vocal performance that highlights the raw emotional elements that lie within the depths of her passionately driven & emotionally expressive vocals.

I believe that Paige has a natural talent that has the ability to create a lasting impression amongst the music scene & inspire listeners for generations to come. This is only the start for this truly gifted artist.

You can check out “Why Can’t My Heart” on Spotify below or listen on further platforms right here.

Paige Wolfe: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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