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REVIEW: Neoni Unveil The Enchanting New Single “Haunted House”!

Highly acclaimed dark-pop singer/songwriting sister collaborative Caitlin & Sidney Powell, aka Neoni, has unveiled the enchanting new single “Haunted House”!

Following on from the success of “DOWNFALL” & their latest collaboration alongside RIELL, “BOO HOO”, this dynamic duo are bringing listeners a mystifying new anthem.

This latest release features an eerily energetic Dark-pop instrumental that carries an array of mysterious elements that attract your complete attention.

Neoni delivers a spirited performance within this song that echoes the lyrical heart of this ear-catching composition, which help’s to create a naturally drawing connection for listeners to feel throughout this composition.

In my honest opinion, I feel that this song is another exciting chapter in Neoni’s musical journey & I know that there are some incredible things in store for this game-changing duo.

You can check out “Haunted House” on Spotify below or on Apple Music right here.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instragram.

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