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REVIEW: Demi Michelle Releases The Brand New Single “Across The Pond”!

Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, Demi Michelle is an emerging country-pop songstress who has a passion for writing songs that turn life experiences into musical compositions that touch the hearts of listeners.

Now, Demi has released the brand new single “Across The Pond”, which is a joyful thank you letter to the UK for all the love & support shared throughout her career.

This latest release features a host of catchy lyrical factors that portray a lively & atmospheric aura that beautifully reflects the feel-good country-pop instrumental that flows throughout this vibrant composition.

Throughout this latest single, Demi produces an ear-catching performance that highlights the charismatic elements within her energetically animated vocal harmonies.

I feel this song is another exciting example of Demi’s lyrical storytelling, which perfectly highlights the musical individuality that she possesses.

You can check out “Across The Pond” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Demi Michelle: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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