INTERVIEW: Imogen Mahdavi Discusses The Release Of “Late Night Calls”!

Singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi has unveiled the brand new single “Late Night Calls”, which revolves around the emotionally stirring aspects that follow heartbreak.

This song expresses the bold & alluring elements within Imogen’s vocals & showcases the immense charismatic musical talent Imogen possesses.

Imogen has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding the release of “Late Night Calls” & you can find the full interview below.

Hey Imogen, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself? 

Imogen: Thank you for giving me the space, I appreciate it! I’m a singer and songwriter from Iran/London. I’ve been releasing music for a little while. I make dream pop about all the things I can’t find the words to say in real life. 

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Imogen: As I kid I loved to sing but my songwriting passion and pursuit of a life as a recording artist happened in my teens and here I am. Discovering more broad genres of music as I grew up made me fine-tune my sound.

Have you always known that you wanted to pursue a career within the music industry?

Imogen: Yes, it’s an insane dream but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try. 

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Imogen: Dreamy romantic pop.

You recently unveiled the new single “Late Night Calls”. How did the idea for this song come together?

Imogen: Unrequited love, unfortunately! I wrote the song late at night when I missed someone.

What did this song personally mean to you?

Imogen: It’s about wanting someone who’s moved on, and not being able to let go.

Did you always plan to release “Late Night Calls” as a single?

Imogen: I remember when I left the studio I immediately sent the demo to my manager and we were both buzzing. It felt like an obvious choice I was so proud of it.

If listeners could take anything away from this song, what would you like it to be?

Imogen: That it’s ok to be messy, we all have moments of desperation. But time heals.

What are some of the things you enjoy outside of music?

Imogen: Walking my dog, dinner with friends, going to gigs, vintage clothes, falling in love.

If you could perform a duet with anyone, who would you choose & why?

Imogen: Rosalia, she’s killing it at the moment I love her voice. She is powerful but has this sweetness to her tone, it’s very gentle. I think our voices would blend well together.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Imogen: Don’t be afraid to share ideas at the start. You may cringe but it’s the only way you’re going to get better and learn from people with experience.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Imogen: Don’t fall into the trap of comparisons. Social media is taking over music and it’s a hard time for creatives. I’m struggling, I’m doing my best but it’s hard out here. Be kind to one another and look out for each other.

Oh and go watch live music if you can, it’s the biggest support to up and coming artists. If you see someone you like and they don’t have many followers take a leap of faith and turn up. You’ll be amazed at how much it means.

You can check out “Late Night Calls” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Imogen Mahdavi: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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