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Review: Asher Knight Releases The Brand New Single “Too Much To Ask For”!

Upcoming UK singer-songwriter Asher Knight has swiftly caught the attention of global music enthusiasts through his charismatically creative musical style & sublime vocal harmonies.

After the significant success of “Alone” & “Burn” in 2021, Asher looks set to capture the hearts of listeners once again with the brand new single “Too Much To Ask For”.

Asher has teamed up with John Newman for his latest single, which is perfect for the upcoming Summer nights. This future anthem echoes a common void that many people experience, which is the heartache of finding love within society.

The song contains an atmospheric pop instrumental that channels the lyrical core of this compelling musical creation to connect with listeners on a profoundly heartfelt level.

Each verse carries a natural element that reflects the inner sentiments we endure when faced with a notion of challenging experiences & the longing fear of something we see around us in everyday life not coming our way.

Asher delivers a stellar performance that showcases the emotion-filled components of his heavenly vocals & highlights the soulful tenderness that flows within the undertone of this future anthem.

You can check out “Too Much To Ask For” on Spotify below.

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